Children's Party Booking Conditions

1. Parties can be pre-arranged with Mary Barnes on 029 2084 2785, Christine Williams on 029 2049 8457, by email or in person on any Open Day. When enquiring by email please include your postal address as we need this to send you the application forms.

2. A gazebo (weather permitting), table and chairs (to a maximum of 12) is provided for a small fee. You may decorate the gazebo with balloons, streamers, etc. should you wish.

3. If on the morning of the party you need to contact us please ring 029 2075 5731 after 9.00am.

4. The number of children and adults MUST be given 14 days prior to the party date and all tickets for admission paid. The Party Host must decide whether all adult guests are to be paid for by them and admission tickets given to the guests before arrival to allow them entry. If not, extra adults will have to pay for themselves at normal admission rate.

5. Tickets for train rides for the children can be purchased in advance at a preferential rate and can be used once on any of our three rides. Asking at the stations will, if possible, allow all the party to ride together. Please arrange ride tickets on booking (please note, children under 3 years of age ride free of charge BUT will not be allowed on the train or tram without an adult for which a ticket has to be purchased).

6. It will be the responsibility of the Party Host to ensure safe adult supervision for the party.

7. Food and drinks may be purchased from the Buffet counter inside the main building. We have a range of cakes, crisps, drinks and a selection of ice creams and lollies. The BBQ can be pre-ordered. We regret we do not have the facilities to provide separate food for this event.

8. Please could you remove all rubbish from the party as, unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to dispose of it.

Each public open day we hold we have two places available for parties, if you would to book a party we have the following places as listed below.


Open days for 2022:-AvailableAvailable
June   Sunday 5th - 1pm to 5pm Booked Booked
July   Sunday 10th - 1pm to 5pm Booked Booked
August   Sunday 7th - 1pm to 5pm Booked Booked
August   Sunday 28th - 1pm to 5pm Booked Booked
August   Monday 29th - August Bank Holiday - 1pm to 5pm Booked Booked
September   Sunday 18th - 1pm to 5pm Booked Booked
October   Sunday 9th - 1pm to 5pm Booked Booked

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