Public Running Days 2020

Please note No advanced tickets are available or required for any of our open days. Entry is just £2.00 per person and all rides are just £2.00 each. All children 3 and under get in and ride for free. For rides children 3 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

October Sunday 11th - 1pm to 5pm - Due to Covid-19 there will be some restrictions.

We will not be charging an entry fee and rides are £2.00 per person. Children 3 and under free. All Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Payment by card only NO CASH - Contactless available.

You are invited to come and ride on our trains but you must adhere to covid-19 regulations, please wear a mask.

Entrance will be via the side gate, where you will be invited to pay and then be guided to your train. Following your train ride you can leave leave via the exit gate. You are welcome to re-join the queue for another ride. You won't be limited to the amount of times you can do this. Follow the 2- metre rule while on site.

PLEASE NOTE: There will NOT be any catering facilities or toilets available. Access to the building or larger areas of the railways will not be allowed. (no picnics inside the site). The gift shop, Ice cream kiosk, BBQ, and Pullman cafe will NOT be open.



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